Catching mosquitoes is our passion. And nobody does it better!

Mosquitoes are the deadliest animals on earth. They may carry any number of deadly deseases, including

Dengue - Malaria - Chikungunya - Zika - Yellow fever - Encephalitis

And while the use of conventional insecticides is widespread, they have become increasingly ineffective due to insecticide resistance.


Minimize your health risk with Biogents traps, the green technology from Germany. 

Biogents AG, the innovative company on the forefront of mosquito control research.


As the exclusive distributor of the patented Biogents mosquito traps in the kingdom of Thailand our focus is on transferring the findings and expertise from more than 16 years of Biogents’ academic research in the fields of insect behavior, chemical ecology, and medical entomology to the fight against mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.


100% pesticide free. Protect your family or your guests, contact us to find out how we can help.