Why do I need your service? Can't I just buy your Biogents trap?

Of course you can buy the Biogents mosquito trap. However our experience is that customers buy the trap, and don't really take care of it afterwards. Which will reduce its effectiveness 
immensely. It needs to be cleaned, you will have to change the CO2 regularly, the catchbag has to be emptied and the placement is of critical importance. Many small details that you won't
have to worry about if you hire us to take care of your mosquito problem.

Where is the difference between the basic Biogents traps and the CO2-versions?

The basic Biogents traps (without CO2) catch the asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus, 
Aedes aegypti). The CO2-versions attract all kinds of species (e.g. Culex). They also have a
higher catching rate regarding mosquitoes from the Aedes family.

Where is the best place for the Biogents trap?

Best place is somewhere in a shady, humid location, where there is hardly wind. But actually 
you have to try several positions because the catching rate depends on many individual things. A few meters can make a big difference. 

Are the Biogents traps rainproof?

Our products are all rainproof, however we recommend not to leave the traps in heavy rainfall. Mosquitoes aren't flying during rainfall. In case of a lot of rain the catch bag has to be 
emptied more often than usual.

How many square meters do the Biogents traps cover?

There are many different criteria which have an influence on the catching rate, such as 
mosquito population, breeding waters, resting places, climate, surroundings etc. The basic
traps (without CO2) cover about 50 to 100 m² and the CO2-versions about 200 to 400 m².

When will the Biogents trap begin to be effective?

Our system needs about one week time to show an effect, because the traps are „artifical human beings“ for the mosquitoes and they are not more attractive than a real human being. But the 
traps are permanently present in contrary to human beings and they catch patrolling mosquitoes so the active population (and its reproduction rate) will be held down in the long run. But
one cannot expect that a big population will break down in a short period.

Can the Biogents traps also be used inside the house?

Traps with CO2 are developed for outdoor usage. You can place them in the garden, balcony or 
on the terrace.
Traps without CO2 can also be run inside the house, but they are not as efficient inside as
outside. The reason is that traps should be positioned as near as possible to the breeding
waters or rest areas of the mosquitoes which are mostly in outdoor areas.

What role does the BG-Sweetscent play?

The Biogents Sweetscent is a three component scent imitator that increases the efficacy of the Biogents mosquito traps, in addition to visual signals and artificially generated air plumes. The patented composition of the BG-Sweetscent imitates the composition of human skin.

What is particular about the BG-Sweetscent?

The BG-Sweetscent is a patented three component scent imitator that is specialized for use in the Biogents mosquito traps and in particular against tiger mosquitoes. Each of the three 
components imitates a part of the main components of the human skin.  The particular light and permeable packaging of the BG-Sweetscent guarantees an optimally timed release of the scent
into the surroundings.