Biological mosquito control, suitable for indoor & outdoor conditions

 • Indoor: Artificial sweetscent in combination with the Biogents trap, especially for disease transmitting asian tiger mosquitoes. 
 • Outdoor: Carbon dioxide + artificial sweetscent in combination with the Biogents trap, for any bloodsucking mosquito species. The mosquito population will be reduced by up to 87%. 

Our mosquito control solution consists of 4 steps:

1. survey of the area to look for active larvae populations and mosquito resting sites
2. biological treatment of mosquito breeding sites
3. installation of the protective system on the premises
4. regular visits for trap maintenance and change of CO2, Sweetscent and catch bags

Sale of mosquito control equipment:

VP Mosquito Control is the exclusive distributor of Biogents' products in the Kingdom 
of Thailand. We supply the whole product range of traps and attractants.


Contact us for an on-site visit and together we find the best solution for your needs.