The Biogents technology is a result of 16 years of fundamental research at the University of Regensburg in Germany and has been tested worldwide.

The trap's high capture rate leads to a continuous decrease of the mosquito population.


The Biogents technology is an eco-friendly & biological method to catch female adult mosquitoes.

• Uses no pesticides or insecticides

• Safe for people and pets

• Does not catch beneficial insects

• Suitable for indoor & outdoor conditons


The trap imitates a human being. Factors that make humans so attractive to mosquitoes are:

• Human body heat convection, imitated by the distribution of the odor plumes over a Biogents trap

• Light- and-dark contrasts

• Skin scent: Biogents patented artificial sweetscent is classified as non-toxic

• Carbon dioxide imitating human breathing


The Biogents traps have the highest efficacy proven by numerous scientific studies worldwide.
Scientific foundation and publications
In 2010 the trap was declared by scientists of Ruttgers University (USA) as the new gold standard for catching tiger mosquitoes.